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Objectives of the program


Competition Terms and Conditions




Siemens CEE Press Award 2016 – Three best journalist articles in Central and Eastern Europe declared

After three months, 10 participating countries and 147 entries, jury selected the best regional articles. Journalists from Romania, Slovenia and Austria awarded with study trip to London. The competition demonstrated great interest of media for the topics related to sustainable future.


Jury - Grading Criteria

The jury in each participating country will select three winners from those journalists who have applied their articles on the topic of „Intelligent infrastructure“ and dealt with the issue in a clear and concise manner, showing distinguished originality that stands out among others working in this sphere. Same criteria will be used while grading their articles in the first stage of the competition on the local level, and in the second regional, Central and Eastern Europe, level.



Objectives of the Program

As the leader in the field of innovation, through this kind of events and competitions, Siemens promotes excellence in writing, media reporting and investigative journalism, while rewarding journalistic virtues. Journalists focus and their contribution to the professional and quality research is of great importance for us as a company that strives to offer the most efficient solutions in the fields in electrification, automation and digitalization.